Events for sustainability

Events for sustainability are powerful platforms that bring together diverse stakeholders, inspiring collective action and driving positive impact on environmental, social, and economic fronts.

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Sustainability Events @ IIT Madras

Carbon Zero Challenge 2022

The "Carbon Zero Challenge" held at IIT Madras in 2022 was a groundbreaking initiative that aimed to address the pressing issue of climate change and promote sustainable practices within the campus community. Organized by a team of passionate students, faculty, and sustainability enthusiasts, the challenge sought to create innovative solutions to reduce and offset carbon emissions on the campus.

Throughout the challenge, participants were encouraged to engage in comprehensive research, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices to devise their solutions. The solutions not only aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also addressed issues like waste management, water conservation, and sustainable transportation on the campus.

The Carbon Zero Challenge sparked a wave of enthusiasm and awareness on the IIT Madras campus, inspiring a broader commitment to sustainability among students, faculty, and staff. The collaborative and competitive nature of the event encouraged individuals to think critically and explore new avenues for reducing their carbon footprint, both personally and institutionally.

Earth Day

By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and collaborating with research organizations and government agencies, IIT Madras plays a pivotal role in generating valuable insights into Earth's systems and their interconnectedness. The availability of such data empowers scientists, policymakers, and communities to make informed decisions and develop sustainable solutions to global challenges.

The Earth data program at IIT Madras fosters interdisciplinary research, bridging the gap between different fields such as engineering, earth sciences, and environmental studies. It facilitates the development of innovative tools and models that can enhance our understanding of the Earth's dynamics, contributing to the larger goal of protecting and preserving our planet for future generations.

Earth data at IIT Madras refers to the comprehensive collection, analysis, and dissemination of geospatial and environmental information pertaining to our planet. The Earth data initiative at the institute leverages advanced technologies, satellite imagery, and data analytics to study various Earth-related phenomena, including climate change, land-use patterns, water resources, and natural disasters.

Air Quality Management Lecture

In this lecture, Mr. Prashanth Kokli will delve into the key aspects of air quality management and explore effective strategies to combat air pollution. We will start by understanding the sources of air pollution, which range from vehicular emissions to industrial processes and even natural events like wildfires. Gaining insights into these sources is crucial to designing targeted interventions.

Next, Prashanth will explore the adverse effects of air pollution on human health, including respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems, and even cognitive impairments. Moreover, air pollution disproportionately affects vulnerable communities, emphasizing the urgency of implementing equitable solutions.

To tackle air pollution effectively, we will discuss the significance of air quality monitoring and data analysis. Accurate and real-time data is the foundation of any successful air quality management program, allowing us to identify hotspots, track trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented measures.

Few such events held in the recent past

IIT for Villages

IIT for Villages (IViL) was started with the vision to leverage the unique and vast resource base in the Institute for a wider audience.

Sustainability Network

The Sustainability Network (S-Net) team at IIT Madras makes sure environmental sustainability is achieved and continuously pursued in the future within our campus and beyond.

Team Sahaay

Sahaay, as the name suggests, aims to develop technological products and provide technical solutions to assist specially-abled people in their daily lives.


IIT Madras is continuously striving to ensure that our campus provides each student an environment filled with harmony and peace.