IIT Madras committed to developing and implementing comprehensive policies for sustainability that will guide our actions and decisions. These policies will serve as a roadmap, aligning our academic, administrative, and operational endeavors with the principles of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic resilience.

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Policies for Sustainable Development @ IIT Madras

IIT for Villages

IIT for Villages (IViL) was started with the vision to leverage the unique and vast resource base in the Institute for a wider audience.

Sustainability Network

The Sustainability Network (S-Net) team at IIT Madras makes sure environmental sustainability is achieved and continuously pursued in the future within our campus and beyond.

Team Sahaay

Sahaay, as the name suggests, aims to develop technological products and provide technical solutions to assist specially-abled people in their daily lives.


IIT Madras is continuously striving to ensure that our campus provides each student an environment filled with harmony and peace.