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School of Sustainability
IIT Madras

Our Vision

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The school’s vision is to be the go-to place for policymakers and researchers for an understanding of sustainability related technologies and policy implications. The school aims to be recognized as a leader for sustainability teaching and research in the global south.

Our Mission

Foster interactive and innovative teaching approaches for students and professionals to deepen our understanding of sustainability.

Drive integrated, interdisciplinary research on sustainability in areas such as climate change, decarbonization, sustainable settlements, and behavioral change.

Create impactful change by collaborating with industry, engaging in policy dialogues, and helping implement solutions on the ground.


Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Scenario Modeling

Explore climate change impacts and adaptation strategies from an engineering perspective, utilizing advanced modeling techniques to assess long-term consequences and inform sustainable decision-making.

Ubiquitous Decarbonization (Materials and Energy)

Comprehensive decarbonization efforts spanning renewable energy, sustainable materials, and industrial processes, drawing from collaborative research across various departments, to mitigate carbon emissions and promote sustainable industry practices.

Sustainable Human Settlements and the F-E-W Nexus

Develop sustainable models for human settlements that address the intricate interplay of Food, Energy, and Water (F-E-W) resources, fostering a holistic and sustainable way of living.

Behavioural Change for Sustainability

Explore the spectrum of human behavior across various facets of life, drive sustainable transformation through policy dialogues, interdisciplinary studies, and vibrant outreach, envisioning a world where sustainable living seamlessly integrates into our daily existence.

Courses Offered

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Minor in Sustainability

Starting April 2024, we are offering a Minor in Sustainability, open to all the undergraduate students of IITM, providing them with the opportunity to delve into pressing sustainability challenges. It will help the students develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, encompassing its environmental, social, and economic dimensions, thus preparing them for impactful contributions to a better world.

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IDDD Program in Sustainability

Starting 2025, we are thrilled to announce the Interdisciplinary Dual Degree (IDDD) Program. This innovative 5-year program will offer a multi-dimensional understanding of sustainability and the toolkit essential to address complex sustainability challenges. The program will be open to 4-year IITM BTech students, passionate to pursue a career of their choice with a sustainability mindset for driving change.

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Executive Education Programs on Sustainability

Starting June 1st, 2024, the 4-week Certificate Program is targeted toward mid-career industry professionals in India, looking to build confidence and competence in actioning Sustainability. Offering the key existing and upcoming sustainability toolkit at the backdrop of India’s changing policy landscape, the program will equip learners to ideate practical sustainable scenarios for their respective industries.

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The School of Sustainability is a dynamic community of the IITM faculty members, IITM Centres of Excellence, research scholars and practitioners. We strive to foster creative modes of knowledge transfer, conduct integrated and actionable research in Sustainability Science and Technology, and maximize an impact through implementation and policy.

From The Director

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“Sustainability is a critical component of our National Education Policy. Every field of engineering and technology will eventually converge to meet one or many of the seventeen Sustainable development goals as listed by the United Nations. This convergence has started happening at a rapid pace as inferred from the multiple G20 related events conducted in India in 2023. In this context, the school of sustainability shows IIT-Madras’ unwavering commitment to capacity building and action in this field.” - Prof. V. Kamakoti

From The Head of the School

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“The School of Sustainability will integrate work done from across disciplines. We will enable collaborative research that can solve grand challenges and build capacity on a systems approach towards becoming more sustainable. In doing so we hope to have a more holistic impact on science, practice and policy”
Prof. Ashwin Mahalingam

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School of Sustainbility
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