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Minor in Sustainability

Starting April 2024, we are offering a Minor in Sustainability, open to all the undergraduate students of IITM, providing them with the opportunity to delve into pressing sustainability challenges. It will help the students develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, encompassing its environmental, social, and economic dimensions, thus preparing them for impactful contributions to a better world.

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IDDD Program in Sustainability

Starting 2025, we are thrilled to announce the Interdisciplinary Dual Degree (IDDD) Program. This innovative 5-year program will offer a multi-dimensional understanding of sustainability and the toolkit essential to address complex sustainability challenges. The program will be open to 4-year IITM BTech students, passionate to pursue a career of their choice with a sustainability mindset for driving change.

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Executive Education Programs on Sustainability

Starting June 1st, 2024, the 4-week Certificate Program is targeted toward mid-career industry professionals in India, looking to build confidence and competence in actioning Sustainability. Offering the key existing and upcoming sustainability toolkit at the backdrop of India’s changing policy landscape, the program will equip learners to ideate practical sustainable scenarios for their respective industries.

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